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  • Why is my website not opening ?

    99.9% of the times you find difficulty in opening the site due to network congestion at the ISP level. You may try refreshing the page after clearing the cache of your browser. If the problem still persists, try opening the site on a different ISP connection.

  • My email is not working ?

    A heavy email may block the downloading process in your mail software like Outlook Express or MS Outlook. You may try checking your email at webmail or mail2web.com

  • FTP is not working ?

    Double check the host address, username and password of your ftp \details. Try opening the cpanel.

  • Few links of the site are not opening ?

    FTP and check whether the link pages are uploaded or not. Else re upload them and then check.

  • How do i control spam in my email boxes ?

    Activate Spam assassin from control panel for the email address in use.

  • I updated a page but does not appear updated on the browser ?

    Mostly ISPs serve pages opened frequently from cache. Try adding a ? at the end of URL and you should be able to see the updated page.

  • How do i check the domain expiry date ?

    A wonderful web resource centralops.net offers a host of free tools for such services.

  • I changed the nameservers but still the site is not opening on the new server. Why ?

    After changing the nameservers, it normally takes 24 - 48 hours for the site to point to the new server.

  • Why does my website show 'Bandwidth Exceeded' on the home page ?

    Higher the traffic on your website, more bandwidth it consumes. When the bandwidth exceeds your allotted limit, you get this message. You need to upgrade your hosting.

  • In case of any emergency how do i approach you ?

    Trouble ticket is the most reliable mode of contacting us which is available 24 x 7 ( 365 days ).