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CMS Solutions

We at Smartweb develop websites that are unique in design and perfect in functionality. Customized programming of all modules in contemporary frameworks deliver leads from serious clients and generate revenues. In a nutshell your website helps you achieve the maximum ROI from your web identity.

Our team at Smartweb Solutions analyse, understand, conceptualize, visualize, design, execute and implement your web identity successfully. Irrespective of the nature of your business, size, operation and activities; we have the knowledge, expertise, experience, insight and tools to design, develop, promote and maintain your website.

  • CMS (Content Management System) Solutions

    In simple language a CMS is a customized web application which lets you design and upload the complete content of your website yourself with all the functionality and without any knowledge of the backend technologies. It may appear as simple as 'Drag and Drop'. Home page matter, link pages, images, video embedding and any third party code can be embedded in your website if it is driven through a CMS.

    You can edit / update and delete the content in whole or in part yourself.

    There can be several levels of complexities while designing a CMS for your company.

    Content Management System (CMS) Features
    • Easy Category / Links creation
    • Text editing
    • Image uploading and editing
    • Online Forms
    • Create unlimited sub links
    • Integrated Website Analytics and meta tags update
    • User Permissions
    • E-commerce
    CMS Solutions

    CRM (Customer relationship management) Solutions

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a managemnt decision making highly complex web application which integrates several operations of a organization like HR, Sales, Marketing and Finance in a centralized database. It is built using contemporary technologies on an independent platform with massive flow of data between different departments of the organization with discreet permissions on every field for updating and viewing purposes.

    In a nutshell the operating data of a company from all departments is stored and updated in a single master database ensuring a free flow of information for decision making for the management and across the departments. This in turn streamlines several processes, procedures and policies followed in the organization and shows the areas to improve upon for the better growth and profits of the company in present and near future.

    Benefits of Customer Relationship Management
    • Debugging the flaws in current procedures of a company.
    • Free flow of information across several departments.
    • Quick and efficient decision making.
    • Streamlining of operations.
    • Profitability.
    • Positive growth.
    CRM Solutions

What You Can Expect Out Of Our CMS Solutions :

  • Your goal and planning must clear
  • Web application should run good either desktop or web
  • Excellent providing customer services on time to time