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Email Marketing

Smart Web Solutions offers a wide variety of online internet marketing solutions to small, medium and global companies. We tailor make every campaign with the right mix of internet marketing options to maximize your results from the internet. Your company's brand value is enhanced while the number of leads increase significantly through online campaigns designed by us.

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing is very cost-effective to generate new customers. Email lets you connect with the visitor in the most personalized manner. You can use email marketing to announce new offers, discounts, promotions, updates and surveys / feedbacks.

    Email Marketing - The Process
    • Research of Recipients - You should know the demographic details, likes and dislikes of your recipients.
    • A clear focus - Your email message should have a consistent clear focus of the communication message.
    • Design - The email should have an effective design which hits the bulls eye. The message should be complete and concise.
    • Targeting - Nobody likes to receive an email that is not relevant to them. Through use of analytics and past user activity, we send messages to recipients who are serious.
    • Customised Landing Pages - The landing page's content should be in line with the message of your email. Honest messages generate better clicks and better results.
    • Reporting - We give a detailed report of emails opened, not opened, bounce backs, links clicked.
    Email Marketing